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Child Discipline

I’m a big fan of anyone who gets it!

Today I ran across this article by Mrs. Silver which I found to be pretty nice on the topic of disciplining children.

You can read the full article here:

What to Do When Your Child Resists Discipline


This article is the second in a 3-week series about parenting ideas. Last weeks article was, “The Key To Becoming a Better Mom.” Last week I wrote about the difference between reacting and responding, and reading about a

Here’s what I like the most:

  • Using Discipline encourages a child to learn from the consequences of his actions, which is where true learning comes from.
  • Discipline is a prearranged agreement between parent and child to share what will happen if the child doesn’t follow the rules.
  • Discipline also allows the rules to be the bad guys, not the parent.

Essentially what you see is that she is working from PRINCIPLES to PRACTICE.  Most of us don’t think that clearly…we just look for some method / action/ tactic…without understanding WHY!

If you understand the WHY, the WHAT is seldom an issue.  Frankly, discipline IS all about how children learn…working from external discipline to internal discipline.  It is best when it is a prearranged agreement.  It is about making the ‘rules’ the bad guys instead of Mommy and Daddy.

What a nice thing to see we are not alone in this world…common sense is still around!

I’d love your thoughts or practical applications!