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Should You Homeschool Year-Round?

One of the options homeschoolers have is to organize their school in a year-round fashion. Here we share our experience with having school throughout the year, and why it makes life easier in so many ways.

Fred Ray Lybrand​​​​​


Want to Harm Writing? Teach it the Traditional Way!

Frankly, we know, the more we teach kids to obsess on correctness in grammar and writing…the worse they write and the less motivated they are (oh no…did I end with a verb thingy?).

If you want to grow a fine writer, then help them find their voice. Here’s a starter kit of the point!

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand​


The #1 Tip for a Less Stress Homeschool

Mistake: Trying to Raise Happy Kids

Parents often misunderstand cause and effect. Just because a kid is happy, it doesn’t mean she will be when she grows up. We really need to aim at raising happy adults…which leads to a pretty good childhood too!

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand

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Fixing Your Homeschooler’s MATH Struggles


Struggling with math is common for all of us, even those with a knack for it. The truth is that math requires a kind of growth through stages, which every child (yes, yours too) can survive 🙂 Here are 2 ideas that will make the difference. In fact, if your child is struggling, it’s probably one, the other, or both.


Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand

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Consistent as a Parent? Ha!

From my book…The Absolute Quickest Way to Help Your Child Change I have a problem with being consistent, and sometimes it’s just because I am too tired. How can I overcome this problem?

Inconsistency and tiredness are usually a sign that your child or children are somewhat “out of control.” I don’t mean that we as parents don’t get tired, but if the state is constant exhaustion, then something surely is wrong. Consistency usually comes when both parents participate in the child training process. With both parents, you are able to keep one another encouraged and accountable. Usually, the problem of staying consistent comes from a parent who is too consumed with meeting the child’s needs and making sure the child “likes” him or her. One of my professors at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Howard Hendricks, has often said,“When you do something for someone when he can do it for himself, then you make an emotional cripple of him: Chances are, unfortunately, that if you are inconsistent, you are somehow being encouraged to be inconsistent and the real learning you (and they) need isn’t happening.

Remember, if you see it, it is encouraged. The best idea I have for consistency is for you to take the Four Magic Questions and apply them to your inconsistency. You may find a very simple solution such as telling your children that every time they get you to do something for them that they can do themselves, you will give them a dollar bill. I suspect, unless you think so little of money, that you will change your consistency problem rapidly.

So…what are your thoughts on Consistency?




Is All Schooling Going to be Homeschooling (punish the parents)?

I just read a couple of articles about measures to hold parents responsible.  Here’s an excerpt:

It was conversations about what to do with lousy teachers that led to some of the new parental measures.Linda Lawson, a Democratic state representative from Indiana, visited a local high school being threatened with closure for poor performance. “Any kind of problem in an academic setting, and people blame the teachers,” she recalled hearing over and over again. “They say things like ‘If teachers were more responsive … didn’t have the summers off … worked an eight-hour day …’ But no one looks at the parents.”

In Florida, State Representative Kelli Stargel, a Republican, was hearing the same things. “Teachers were telling us: ‘We can only do so much in the classroom. We have no control over what happens with these kids at home,’ ” she said. From Whose Failing Grade is It? in the New York Times

Well, it is interesting that people are now considering the need to legislate what should come naturally to a home.  The truth is that the problem is SYSTEM problem…but, yes, the home is where the answer is going to be found.

Jim Taylor mentions the same article and adds the thought that education begins at the moment of conception:

As the noted educator Diane Ravitch suggests, “What we should be doing instead is giving a helping hand…Parenting education needs to begin when a woman gets pregnant.” Dr. Ravitch has it right.  From Punish Parents or Failing Students?

So, the challenge is that in this SYSTEM (which people seem to recognize is broken), no one is quite catching on to the fact that we have been educating people for 1,000s of years; successfully, I might add!

I agree that the home is crucial, but I also think schools can actually educate students (you know, Boarding Schools seems to educated without the parents…not saying it’s a good idea…I’m just saying).  The problem is that we have have been inundated with pseudo-intellectual theories about learning and self-esteem which are both perfectly and patently wrong.  The breakdown began back in the 1960’s with the destruction of the In Loco Parentis doctrine (the school could stand in the place of the parents…speaking of discipline in particular) on the altar of civil liberties.  The breakdown continued as experts told us we don’t know what we are doing as parents…so we gave away our responsibility to discipline as well.

If a homeschool has a poor educational strategy and lacks discipline / accountability…it is capable of failing just as gloriously as a school which lacks discipline / accountability.

The real problem with these measures is that we are now setting up a way to blame one another.  Frankly, as long as we are blaming, we aren’t solving.  I’ll tell you what history tells us:

1.  Reading and Writing and Arithmetic are the essentials

2.  A low student-teacher ratio is powerful

3.  Socratic dynamics (discussions for older students) are genius-building

If we are going to pass a law, why not just require the child to learn or be fined (we at least have some responsibility put somewhere)?  On the other hand, why not get back to business and return the right ingredients to both our schools…and….homes.

We already know it works.

What are your thoughts?



Dr. Fred Lybrand


The 2 Things Needed to Parent Well (Video)

Sometimes we just simply over-complicate things.  Parenting is one of the easiest parts of our lives to do this kind of ‘complexification’ on.
Frankly, the deference to ‘experts’ is part of the problem.  We almost need a revolt to reclaim our home and our parenting.
Well, here’s as simple as it gets:

The 2 Things Needed to Parent Well

So, what do you think?  How might this be a game changer of folks you know?
I’m cheering for you,
Fred Lybrand
P.S.  If you find this to be helpful, you might like this other video too:  Are You Trying to Trick Your Kids into Learning and Obeying?