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How to Get Your Kids to Stop Fighting (with each other)

The most important thing for mom and dad to discover about their own kids fighting with one another is that mom and dad are ALSO PART OF THE PROBLEM.

If you are not aware of systems, then you'll tend to miss the different factors that contribute to what's happening.

Basically, how you respond to sibling rivalry determines how they fight. There are TWO WAYS to respond (essentially)...this video helps you choose a new path, if you're up for a change in family conflicts ๐Ÿ™‚

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrandโ€‹


The Parental Curse of a Favorite Child


โ€‹One of the worse things we do as parents is 'favor' a child over others. Sometimes it's hard not to because we just 'connect' better some of our kids...but it doesn't change the the reality of the mistake. Family Systems backs this common sense notion about the danger...and the solution.

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Fred Ray Lybrand



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