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How Do I Cover Everything in Homeschooling?

I’m going to tell you off the bat: you cannot cover everything with the proliferation of knowledge available right now. There’s no way to do it. If you try to compete with the school system, you’ll kill yourself because they have lots of teachers, facilities, resources, and governmental rules telling them to cover all these subjects. Schools have to find ways to fill up their students entire day with a litany of subjects, electives, etc. to create a perfect balance of information. Your child does not need to be balanced. They do not need to know everything. You know what your child needs. Your child needs skills. If you make education about skill development so that your students are able to teach themselves, then they can learn all the other stuff whenever they need it.

Reading, writing, and math are incredible skills.

Reading is the gateway to acquiring knowledge from the rest of the world through literature, history, philosophy, and so on.

Writing produces clear thinking and communication.

Math helps with problem-solving, understanding absolutes, understanding cause-and-effect, understanding logic.

These three skills are the foundation for understanding any subject. Every subject requires your ability to absorb data, comprehend its logic and principles, and then communicate what you’ve learned to other people. These skills are the classical model of education.

You really don’t have to cover everything. Don’t prioritize knowledge. Knowledge keeps piling up. There’s no end to things we could know. Instead, prioritize skills, and you’ll wind up on target with how much to teach in your homeschooling.

-Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

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