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Our Unique Practical Systems—Training Will Show You How To Quickly Build Systems To Organize Your Homeschool & Life To Help Your Children Become Their Own Amazing Teachers

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Homeschooling With Ease(You’ve Found Your People)

If you’re a homeschool mom who is always wanting to make
things better for her family, especially with creating a positive learning
environment—you’ve found your people!

If you’re a homeschool mom who feels frazzled and torn in
different directions, and are kind of unsure if this homeschool thing is really
working—you’ve found your people too!

Most homeschools are obsessed with doing things right, but
that means competing with the school system; a place that is well financed and
loaded with resources. Plus, they have multiple teachers specializing in a variety
of subjects.

The truth is that you need a different way to educate (which
you probably already know), but you also need a different way to organize your homeschool. Jesus
observed that you can’t put ‘new wine into old wineskins’, which means that you
can’t put a new approach into an old way of doing things.

Homeschooling is ‘new’ when compared to typical schools, and
it simply can’t work the way the schools try to do it (and commonly fail).

Don’t you just hate doing things the hard way?

I HATE doing things the hard way. It’s not only a waste of time and energy, it’s STUPID.

Yeah, I hate stupid—but mostly in me. The dumbest thing I used to do was to read things over and over until they were memorized. Let’s learn the names of the Great Lakes: Erie, Superior, Huron, Ontario, Michigan… Erie, Superior, Huron, Ontario, Michigan… Erie, Superior, Huron, Ontario, Michigan…

Guh—it got tedious and tiring! Then, I learned about mnemonics; a cool word for memory tricks.

H O M E S — Remember that!






Wow—I got it!

So, there Jody (a.k.a. Lovey, to the grandkids) and I were homeschooling our 5 children, trying to teach multiple subjects, to multiple kids, at multiple ages, while needing to be an expert in multiple areas. Oh, in a home, in a room, around one table.

Ever felt that kind of mountainous challenge with your homeschool?

But then, I learned about systems—and just like H O M E S, it all came down to a few simple hacks that meant we could educated all of our kids by spending a combined Mommy/Daddy effort of 30 Minutes Day.

If you are worn out, or just know there has got to be a better way, then you have found your people! We are AMBITIOUS for our kids, but LAZY in our efforts. Enter the birth of

THE 30 MINUTES A DAY HOMESCHOOL SYSTEM(Your Kids Will Be Working A Lot Longer: It Is School)

Really, that was pretty much the amount of time Lovey and I spent in combined time helping and teaching the kids.

-Dr. & Mrs. Fred Ray Lybrand

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what you’ll learn

Three hours of jammed-packed video tutorials and guides that cover everything you need to know to make your homeschool thrive.Practical Templates On: Setting Up Your Day, Bedtime Success, Math, Reading, and Writing, Upsets & Conflicts, Nutrition & Media Limits, and Your Own Unique ChallengesOur Members Only forum area with parents who want to succeed at homeschoolingIt’s all digitally delivered (and downloadable). Even if your computer dies you can access it again from anywhere. It’s safe on our server.Too much included to watch once, but you can watch it again-and-again for LIFE



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Our family results

Lovey and I have 5 kids (Tripp, Laura, Forrest, Holmes, and Brooks) we homeschooled from birth to college. All of them graduated college with excellent grades, are married, well employed, and contributing to their families, churches, neighborhoods, and friendships. They all paid their own way through college and have added 8 grandchildren to the clan (so far). The key is that we finally set up a system that took us 30 Minutes a Day (the kids spent 5 hours a day in school) to teach them how to teach themselves. We basically ‘draw back the curtain’ in this course and show you how we did it.

Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand and his wife Jody not only homeschooled 5 kids all the way to college (30 minutes a day combined)…They’ve taught thousands of other stressed-out homeschool parents the secrets of how to do the same thing…and they can teach you too!

Here’s what others are saying about our stuff

My family has had a very difficult two years and I had let a lot of things slide. We’re on the fourth week of my buckling down and getting firm (even strict) with our kids about school, chores, etc. I went through Fred’s course on the 30 Minute Homeschool and that helped me a lot. While I have 8 kiddos, two of my boys have really helped illustrate the power. . . But I have seen so many lightbulbs go on and most days are progressively better (sometimes it’s two steps forward, one step back). —Kristen Schumacher Burgess

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Yes, we will give you your money back if it doesn’t work for you, but we’d rather guarantee it works for you! So, if you have any trouble at all, we’ll have a Zoom meeting with you in person to coach you to success in building a 30 Minute Homeschool. Who promises that?


Full access to over 15 hours of our Private Video Webinars

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