For Selling Our Courses Through Your Own Private Affiliate Link? 

The Writing Course * Mastering Reading * Mastering Emotions * 30-Minutes-A-Day

For a variety of reasons, we have never had an affiliate program of any substance. Frankly, the Coronavirus Crisis really made me re-think a few things, especially about how many thousands of people our courses have helped over the years. I never intended this to be a big business (and still don’t), but the message does need to get out: THERE ARE IMPORTANT SOFT-SKILLS AND INNOVATIVE APPROACHES THAT WE HAVE FIGURED OUT…AND…THAT REALLY MUST BE SHARED. 

So, instead of spending $$$ on marketing, why not help dedicated homeschool moms (and dads) make money by promoting courses they’ve used and loved? Duh…huh?

Well, here’s your chance. It’s just about signing up and using your unique links to promote the courses (whichever ones you want to promote). It’s about about sharing within your own network. Some will be better and some will be worse, but you literally have nothing to lose because no one is charging you to belong. 

If you are a fan and want to add money to get more stuff for your homeschool, what could be more perfect? You’ll be the sales force!

After the second full month, I’ll pay you monthly. You can go to your own private affiliate page and know exactly what you’ve sold (it’s all automated). Of course, I will need a W9 Form (no big deal) to make sure the government knows if you make a lot 🙂

Actual Example Of A Live Account


As an extra incentive, I will gift you the Entire Independent Homeschool Library (after you reach your first $1,000). If you already have it, then I’ll come up with a special ‘thank you’ somehow. 

Here’s How To Sign Up

All you have to do is go to the link below and sign up. Next, just follow directions on your affiliate page. If you have problems, then just write me directly at fredraylybrand@yahoo.com I’ll keep improving communication and instructions as I discover where the gaps are via your feedback. Fair?


Come join us!

Blessings,Dr. Fred