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You probably know about the Writing Course and have heard plenty about its impact on students all over the world… Well it's the same kind of passion that birthed it that we put into these other nine courses.

In our experience with homeschool families, what we’re all really concerned about is the exact same thing. Oddly enough, most of us do not like to use the right word because it sounds dirty, filthy, or worldly; but it is still in the front of our minds. We’re all concerned about success, more specifically we are concerned about our children failing. Homeschool is an alternative path to stop the failure that we believe is happening in our country academically, morally, and as concerns the character of the next generation.

Our courses are about finding fast, innovative, and affordable training… All focused on not failing in college and in life. These are the very same things that we tried to instill into our children so that they could be successful as they impact the world around them.

Would you mind if I quickly shared with you each course and what success and failure means?

In no particular order, here's what we’re offering:

Mastering Goals
How to set and achieve goals shows your student how to avoid the failure of not knowing how or where to direct their actions. Despite multiple conversations and lots of gurus out there, most people still simply don't get how goals work. The chief reason they don't understand goals is that the definition that most books use concerning goals is flawed. Goals are not dreams or hopes, and as a result of this misunderstanding, people feel stuck in life and do not know what to do. Mastering goal-setting brings the great benefit of success in life, because if you can master your actions, then you can begin to see the results you want.

Mastering Reading
Reading comprehension should really just be called reading, because what is the point of reading if you don't understand what you read? Failing at reading guarantees failure in college, since everyone absolutely must learn to read and understand. Reading allows you to tap into the greatest minds in the world and in history without having to meet with them personally. Being able to comprehend what you read also is a terrific time saver. So, failure means struggle and loss of time, but success means the ability to learn anything on your own. That’s the best measure of education, isn’t it?

Mastering Writing (The Writing Course)
The Writing Course is largely built on a foundation of good reading. Failure in one's ability to write means failure on tests and in clearly articulating one's understanding of any subject. We teach students how to write both correctly and effectively without having to learn the so-called ‘rules’ of grammar and punctuation. Moreover, we teach students how to find his or her own voice and to be ready at a moment’s notice to write 1000 words. Success in writing means your student will become a confident and prolific communicator who uses his or her own voice to touch the world.

Mastering Problems
Our course on problem solving is simply about learning how to understand the pieces of any problem so that the solution becomes both obvious and elegant. Success in problem solving not only helps in mathematics, but it means your student will learn how never to shrink away from any challenge… and so success is always in view.

Mastering Emotions
Our course on how to run your emotions is probably the most revolutionary and exciting course we offer. Honestly, it seems to impact the parents as much is the kids. Countless students leave college and careers because they simply get so frustrated or depressed that they don't know how to get themselves out of an emotional hole. This is largely a problem of simply not knowing how to run your emotions, or more specifically, not knowing how to run your brain. In this course we teach our students how transformation works, along with all kinds of cool techniques to transform the way they're thinking; to transform their upsets into a new focus and joyful direction. Success with running your own emotions means happiness, confidence, and the ability (yes, even the skill) to help others.

Mastering Communication
Our communication course is probably the most important training we offer, since failure in almost every area of life has something to do with communication. And so, success in life has everything to do with effective communication. There are three things that we address; (1) the way one communicates with himself, (2) the way one communicates with others in relationships, and (3) the way one communicates in public settings with presentations, etc. Failure with communication means hiding online and staying in the shadows all the time, but success with communication means job security and impact in this world. Far too many homeschoolers are reserved because of their fears related to communication. This course corrects that misstep in our efforts.

Mastering Relationships
Our relationships course is about both romance and friendships. How do we find the right life partner? Is it dating? Is it courtship? Nothing has the impact a marriage relationship has…why would we leave our children ill-prepared to find the right kind of partner for life? Actually, the most important thing to learn about all relationships is how to be true to yourself and to share that truth with others. The truth is almost magic when communicated well. Solid friendships are about showing up and effectively communicating who you are. While we have a course on communication itself, we also include insights here to some degree as we teach students how to find the right kinds of friends and grow those friendships. Of course, relationships in the family are big part of it as well. One of the great blessings Jody and I see is that our 5 children not only love each other, but they also want to spend time together.

Mastering Memory
Our how to remember anything course is about memory. The obvious failure is that if you are unable to remember information, then your abilities to succeed in test taking and in essay writing are pretty much nonexistent. The innovative part of our course is what we call organic mnemonics. Of course, we explain to the students how the brain works, and we explain mnemonic tricks to multiply their ability to remember; however, we include our original understanding about using the natural mnemonic system built into the brain. Just so you know, this is part of how I paid my way through college… I taught myself how to remember…and then taught others the same thing. So this material has been in the works for four decades and has been used every day of my life including my undergraduate degree, master’s degree, and doctorate. Did we teach these things to our kids? You bet we did! When you can succeed with your memory it turns you into a test-taking wizard! There can be a little pain involved with succeeding… I was accused of cheating on occasion because my answers were so verbatim.

Mastering Focus
Our focus course is like nothing you've ever seen. Almost single-handedly failure to focus means failure in almost everything. Honestly, however, you need to know this course is the most personal of all my courses. My personal greatest practical struggle has been in learning how to focus. In college I took some medication that demonstrated how powerful medications can sometimes be to increased focus; however, I personally felt I was giving up too much of who I was. Instead I went on a quest to understand how to teach myself to focus, and at the age of 40 in an answer to a prayer, I learned how. This course is going to show you that the biggest problem students have in focusing is an assumption that makes everything wobble a lot. Changing your perspective and then learning some specific tactics can dramatically transform a person's focus challenges into the special talent they've been given. Learning to succeed at focus means success in both confidence and accomplishments.

Mastering Procrastination & Time Management
Our final course is on procrastination and time management. Obviously, failing by putting off work or not organizing one's work almost single-handedly destroys a college career. Homeschoolers in particular can have challenges in this area because they've not had much experience with the distraction of multiple priorities and social temptations…but it’s not unique to homeschoolers at all. In this crazy interruptive world, all of us have challenges with organizing our time. The real issue largely has to do with motivation; therefore we explain how it works as well as giving them the tools to make time work no matter your personality type.


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