How We Homeschooled Start to Finish

Jody and I decided to homeschool our 5 children when we were faced with our firstborn having cerebral palsy. We didn’t want him to get labeled too soon, so we started at home. Jody has a Masters in Education and wanted a real scope-and-sequence. I was Liberal Arts…so I wanted to give the children freedom (we didn’t have ‘unschooling’ notions back then 🙂 The Robinson Curriculum turned out to be a fine fit for our perspective and goals with a few tweaks. We both wanted the kids to LEARN HOW TO LEARN, so that’s what we engineered at the core; two hours of reading, two hours of math, and one hour of writing. All we were missing was a writing strategy, so we invented one [The Writing Course] These videos tell our story / thoughts on how we educated 5 children from birth past college.

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How To Fix Tantrums Video

UPDATE: Does this stuff work? As of February 2, 2024 all of the 5 Lybrand students are all happily married. They all have active careers and graduated college with distinctions (every one). The youngest, Brooks, completed his double major (economics and mathematics at the University of Texas – Austin) in three years and had a 3.96 GPA. We are amazed at all the kids and are grateful for how growing them as independent learners has really paid off. Additionally, they are all actively involved in their own local churches in Austin, Houston, Montgomery AL, and Washington DC. And now, there are 11 grandkids! We can’t say our approach to homeschooling alone did all of this, but I can say it definitely didn’t mess them up too bad 😉

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