Here is an entire process to show kids how to start developing the skill of using HOPES to form GOALS to guide ACTIONS to get RESULTS

MASTERING GOALS (My Favorite Course)How to set and achieve goals shows your student how to avoid the failure of not knowing how or where to direct their actions. Despite multiple conversations and lots of gurus out there, most people still simply don’t get how goals work. The chief reason they don’t understand goals is that the definition that most books use concerning goals is flawed. Goals are not dreams or hopes, and as a result of this misunderstanding, people feel stuck in life and do not know what to do. Mastering goal-setting brings the great benefit of success in life, because if you can master your actions, then you can begin to see the results you want.


20 SESSIONS + A Personalized Workshop


Part I – [Mindset] The 15 Principles You Must Understand to be a Lifelong Achiever
Part II – [Action] The 9 Practices You Must Use to be a Lifelong Achiever

1. The Essentials

2. Motivation & Focus

3. Hopes vs. Goals

4. Practical Applications

5. Your Daily Practice

6. King Goals & Reality

7. How to Make a Plan

8. Time Limits and First Steps

9. Your Daily Practice (Review)

Part III: Goal-Setting Personal Workshop



Encouraging a life-skill of being able to clarify what you want, how to get there, and where to being. This is an antidote for the drifting we see in so many these days!

Brooks LybrandUniversity of Texas

Why should you listen to Dr. Lybrand (Dad)? Not only does he provide the techniques and practical skills to do well in college, but he also encourages the alternative mindsets necessary to do great in life. I can tell you I was 100% ready to do fine at the University of Texas (Austin); academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Growing always has its challenges, but I’m blessed to continue to be close to my siblings and my parents in spite of any obstacles. Dad helped create an atmosphere of honesty and closeness in our family, rather than forcing one…which would have led to resentment, exhaustion, and detachment (as I’ve seen happen to many seemingly “close” families over the years). As education is concerned, I owe my parents a lot in how wisely they taught us; they didn’t abandon us to curricula or funnel us through scholastic subjects. Instead, they made sure we were learning how to learn, learning how to be self-teachers and develop our own abilities and minds.

Forrest LybrandWriter of Novels Tripp LybrandBusiness Laboratory

My dad (Dr. Lybrand) asked me to write a testimonial for his website, explaining why you should listen to him when it comes to raising kids and getting them ready for college.

My dad (Dr. Lybrand) asked me to write a testimonial for his website, explaining why you should listen to him when it comes to raising kids and getting them ready for college.

To start with I think it’s a good sign that his grown son, free of duress, is willing to write a testimonial for him. In all seriousness though, the best testimony I can give is that I have felt prepared for everything I’ve experienced thus far in life. I, of course, have had to struggle and learn and fail like everyone else; but I have been able to approach each new challenge with a boldness that my father instilled in me. This boldness comes from his goal that all of his children learn how to learn. When you understand that you can teach yourself anything, it’s equivalent to being given a key to all the doors of the world. If a professor in college was a better researcher than teacher, it didn’t matter because I could go and read the textbook. When I started a job that required programing skills but I had none (I studied art in college); it was nothing more than a new and exciting challenge. When you learn how to learn, the scariness and intimidation of the world morphs into an open plain of freedom, where every moment you can ask yourself, “What do I want to learn now?” So, you should listen to Dr. Lybrand because I’d love for your child to enter life with the same confidence I had.

Introductory Special

What can be more impactful than for a child to learn the power of setting and accomplishing goals? Frankly, most adults don’t even understand the empowerment that comes to those who master this skill.Frankly, there’s a lot of hype out there and books cover the shelves…but who thinks about kids?

I’ve carefully studied and worked with this subject personally and professionally for around 45 years. I can also tell you that MOST teachers have confused GOALS and HOPES. This one distinction can change anyone’s life. Does your child (children) know how to figure out, and effectively pursue, what he wants in life?

Well, here’s the chance.

We have 1 Cardinal and 4 Eagles in our family because our kids learned these principles (4 Eagle Scouts and Laura works for the St. Louis Cardinals)!

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OUR GOAL:Basically, we’re wanting you to give it a try and write great reviews we can use to encourage others to try this transformational method


Honestly, take 30 DAYS and try it out. If you don’t think it is worth it for any reason, then just request a refund. Even better, drop me a note first and give me a chance to personally help you apply the training…If THAT doesn’t work then you STILL can have your money back (Why would we want you to be unhappy?). -Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

Laura HangerSt. Louis Cardinals

You really should listen to my dad because… He took me at the age of 13 (with some real issues surrounding arrogance / cheating / stubbornness — you know, daughter stuff) and showed me patience and grace. By helping me understand the importance of knowing how to learn and what that looks like. I am now a college graduate (finished 3 1/2 years) with a great job that I have had since graduation five years ago.