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The Myth of Socialization and Homeschooling

The common critique is that homeschoolers are poorly socialized, but nothing could be further from the truth. And yet, the critique is valid for all parents. Maybe there is a greater temptation for those who homeschool, but there are some simple things you can do to make this a non-issue.



The Bias Against Homeschooling


Sadly this person is taking some flak for the following:

Unless you are a certified teacher then don’t even try and homeschool your child.  It is abuse because I’m sure you, as the teacher, let your child have long breaks – start the day late and end it early.  You don’t have anyway of comparing your child with how and where they are supposed to be in the spectrum.  UGH ….I feel so sorry for home schooled children. 

Of course, flak might be deserved, but not for saying it… you know, free speech, etc.?

The reality is that this IS what people are thinking.  Yet, shouldn’t abuse be based on results?  If kids are being left behind, then that is a tradjedy!  Yet, the author is not fully applying the standard.  Just because someone is a certified teacher, why does that mean the child won’t be behind?

What if we really went by what works?

Honesty admits that homeschooling is producing a better result (on average) than public school is producing.  So, how about a fresh standard?

If  you are not educating your child(ren) at home…then send them to school!  But, if they are not learning at school, why not bring them home?

It is time to start being honest about out results and make a change!


Dr. Fred R. Lybrand

Can You Really Socialize a Homeschooler? (Video)

So, don’t we hear this all the time?  How are you going to socialize your child if you homeschool?  What about socializing homeschoolers when they are isolated from others?

These kinds of jabs are a bit frustrating, but I’m sure jabs go in the other direction.  Often people are asked, “Aren’t you afraid for your child’s safety in public school (implied: since you don’t home school)?

So what about socialization?  What happens to human beings to become socially mal-adjusted?  Can homeschoolers really figure out the socialization question?  Is it legitimate?  Do private school and public school kids face a guarantee about socialization themselves.

Here are a few thoughts…hope they help!

Can You Socialize a Homeschooler? 


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Fred Lybrand