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Does Your Child Hate Math?

Hating math often seems like the normal way for most kids, but should it really be that way? The reason most kids hate math is the same as why they hate anything; they aren't good at it! What if we could show almost any child how to conquer math? A lot would change indeed!

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Fred Ray Lybrand

How to Teach Your Child Math Facts

Jody and I have noticed a number of comments in some of the forums we frequent about helping children learn math facts.
Basically, what we mean by this is that a child really shouldn’t start math (in our estimation) until they know multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction to the number ’12’.
Obviously, if a child can learn these things first, then he/she is going to not be so distracted, intimidated, or slow as they work with math.
And yet…seems like helping them learn these facts is a problem.

How to Teach a Child Math Facts



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