One of the major issues with homeschooling is the question of qualification. Are you good enough? Are you certified? What makes you think you can homeschool?

While some people should definitely not homeschool, most people are massively qualified. The reason is pretty simple, but the question is a little tricky.

"Am I qualified," can be a difficult question, especially as we consider the fact that public school teachers can also show up as unqualified. Maybe it's a question of being qualified, but maybe it's a question of growing yourself. In this video we try to think this through while underscoring the viewpoint that kids are their own best teachers.

So, are you qualified to help your kids learn how to learn? That's the crux question, true? If you can help them learn how to learn, you are probably in a good place and plenty qualified. If you can learn yourself while helping them along, then you are probably golden!


Fred Ray Lybrand

P.S. Since children are learning machines, it's really about maintenance and good fuel 🙂