MLK Day & Homeschool

A few weeks ago someone asked a question about group vs. individual teaching in homeschool. Here was my response...hope it helps.

We certainly did group lessons, especially with reading books and doing narration (Charlotte Mason) in the early years.

We took off MLK Day from normal school and watch a relevant movie (for many years it was one of my favorites called Boycott…in many ways about the birth of the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. King’s leadership). Last year, Brooks and I went to the theatre and watched Selma (he was the last of our 5 to be at home).

These days always involved a lot of discussion about the movement (remember, Jody and I grew up in Alabama, Jody is from Montgomery, and my dad was a 2-term State Legislator).

We did the same with other movies like Star Wars & Harry Potter…debriefing the good and the bad and the lessons to be learned.

These group discussions were a rich part of our educational process…we probably should have done more of them.

…………………………………………………………………Fred Ray Lybrand

P.S. Some of the movies we watched have mature themes in them and so are probably for older kids / your discernment (Boycott fits this category, but is still a powerful movie kids should discuss before college, in my opinion).

P.P.S. Yes, we did limit TV & movies, but we decided we needed to prepare the kids to discern what they were viewing in this world rather than mostly avoiding the viewing altogether. This is a big personal decision for mom & dad, so I certainly respect those who avoid media as well.

Off to learn,

Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

P.S. My dad was Fred Ray Lybrand Sr. and served in the Alabama State Legislature (1966-1974) during the George Wallace / Albert Brewer era. He passed in 2001 in Anniston (where we grew up). Jody and I met at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) and married in 1982 before moving to Dallas for Seminary.