Teachers Are Unnecessary for Independent Homeschool Learning


Do we need teachers? Well, yes and no. We need to learn to be a teacher of ourself, but no, teachers are not a necessary ingredient for learning. They can help if they are good, but most learning is self-learning. In this video I lay out the quick case for reconsidering the importance of a teacher in the learning process.



  • Russ says:

    I agree with you whole heartedly. Most classrooms have little interaction, which relegates teaching to no more than a video presentation. Tutoring is a different matter however, that’s why my home educated son learns with a math tutor twice a week. Takes pressure off myself and places me more into the role I prefer, which is coach.

    • Yes. It’s funny to me that when public education fails we hire a tutor or get tutored. Why not just begin with a tutor (like you are doing)?
      On the other hand, I think the real aim is to learn how to tutor oneself 😉

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