We’ve Been in Public School…How Do We Start Homeschooling?

For this question, there are just three things you want to answer.

The first is: Where is your student? If you’re looking to move them to homeschool, figure out where your child is. Determine their grade level, subjects, skills, areas they struggle with. Evaluate where they are, right now.

The second is: Where do you want them to be? I would recommend looking at a year out from now. Where do you want your child to be in math, writing, reading, etc? Having a clear destination is going to help organize your homeschooling. So you understand where your student is now, and you understand where they’re headed.

The final question: What will it take? To make sense of schooling, you figure out where they are, you figure out where you want them to be in a year, and then spend some time making a plan to get them there. What will it take? What will it take to get there? You might get help on that one from other people. Still, it’s important for you to spend time planning the year out. You need to formulate a game plan. Oftentimes, most of us are stymied, or stopped like a deer-in-the-headlights, because we don’t know what to do next. When you work out a plan by answering “What will it take?” you’re going to know what to do next. And you get in motion.

-Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

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