Why Having a Best Friend is a Bad Idea!

Even as technology isolates us more, and tries to connect us (think FaceBook), there are other things that really interfere with having great relationships. One of these things is the "Best Friends" idea. Like most ideals, it sounds great to think there is that one close buddy who is there through thick-and-thin. The truth is that we humans do better with multiple relationships rather than just a single one (what pressure!). Here's a way to rethink this important area for your kids [and yourself?].

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Fred Ray Lybrand​

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  • April says:

    Wow,good one. I love how you come up with things I would never think about contemplating. As a child,I was so unhappy when I would introduce a friend to my “best friend” and then they would become friends, instead of loving our new friendships being shared, growing and becoming more complex and beautiful. I love your perspective on this subject. It is so nice to pre-learn lessons before they become hard lessons with your children.

    I don’t remember you talking about media and electronics. Big subject, but I had to learn some hard lessons on that with our older children.

  • Gabriel says:

    Hello Fred, I miss you. It’s been a long time…
    I totally agree with you, the way you put it, however I should add that if you make Jesus your best friend, there will be no room at the top for any other ‘best’ friend. And for those who are not Christians, think that even your best human friend is not perfect, neither are you, so do not follow each other blindly. Respectfully.

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