Education: Know-How is Better than Knowledge

We way over-value knowledge these days, whether it's for game shows or to impress the crowd. The real key in the quest to become self-teachers (the only real kind of education) is to gain the skills that empower. The dictionary is a spot-on illustration. Whether you homeschool, teach, or just want to be a great parent---this is the mindset you really must have down to your bones.

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand​

  • Felicia says:

    I wanted to thank you for making these videos. They have been a great help! We’ve just started out with RC this year and are trying to get a good feel for it and figure out how it’s going to work for us long term. It’s easy to second guess yourself while homeschooling, especially with so many opinions and options out there. We have been pressured by several people to do Classical Conversations, but honestly it’s so expensive and I’m not convinced it’s THE way to learn. It sure is a lot of facts. Anyway, it’s very reassuring to hear how well Robinson worked for your family. I enjoy hearing your practical advice. I hope you keep them coming.

    • Fred Ray Lybrand says:


      Thanks so much…and I think you are on target. A lot of the time people who can’t really create the discipline in the home they need find that a ‘group’ context provides some accountability. Also, some kids just do better academically when they are ‘competing’ with other children.

      In my mind, the trick is to get the child to own responsibility for his own learning. Once that transition occurs, then the context isn’t the issue…you just want to feed the monster 😉


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