How to Get Your Kids in Bed, On Time, Everytime

Getting kids to get in bed and stay there is a struggle for lots of us. We discovered a simple way that worked for our 5 kids...just took is thinking only slightly different about our goal with bedtime and sleeping

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand​

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  • Jasmine says:

    What is a good bedtime, or more appropriate how many hours sleep should children get? My oldest is 14 but gets up so early that she is often tired. The other two are 9 and 11 but they seem to be well rested most days.

    • Fred Ray Lybrand says:

      Everyone varies…but the hormone changes make sleep more of a challenge for young adults. I think the key for schooling is to have everyone up at the same time… going to sleep sorts itself out in a few weeks!

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