Is Your Toddler Bullying You?

In this vLog we consider the possibility that toddlers can learn to behave (crazy, huh?). Moreover, we look at the single most important thing to understand in helping them get on the path toward maturity (while still getting to be kids)  🙂 

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand​

Toddler bullying you

Toddler bullying you


  • Felicia says:

    THANK YOU!!! I needed this so badly. I couldn’t find any help with this problem other than the touchy feely nonsense of, “Oh just listen to your child and try to understand their feelings and how they’re going to react so you can prevent it from happening.” I have been so fed up with my 2 year old almost since he was born. He had colic for so long and I never could tell if he was in pain or just being a pain. Now he thinks he runs the house and honestly he does a lot of the time. My daughter was never like this. There were boundaries and she learned early on what they were (lol, I just realized that I used past tense). I have been praying about this and needing help. If you have any more thoughts on the subject please feel free to share. I’m going to do some serious self, soul, and home evaluations. Thank you again for being my answer to prayer.

    • Fred Ray Lybrand says:

      You can win…and your child will then win too!

      Figure out how you want your child to behave (even if you think it is impossible), and then start making it happen one area at a time!


  • anon says:

    hi. i sent an email with your contact form but didn’t see a reply. maybe it’s not working? anyway, i wanted to know where exactly your further information is on this subject. my kids are toddlers/not ready for homeschooling so i didn’t know where in your courses to go. i’m not ready to get the whole thing. also i don’t see the courses anymore… cheers,

    • Fred Ray Lybrand says:

      We are in a process of revamping things…check back soon and you’ll see what’s available. We are probably going into a yearly membership plan to make it comprehensive and affordable. Everyone should like it.



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