Just Admit It – Learning Involves Frustration

When I taught the high school fine arts class at Midland Classical Academy, I used a little phrase— “Everything’s hard before it’s easy, but it’s easy once you know how.” I don’t know if it was Sesame Street or Mister Rogers, but somebody started the silly notion that education should really be fun or children won’t learn. What a terrible thing for a child to believe…and, I might add…have to ‘shake off’ in order to get a PhD!

The fact is that learning involves NEW, and new involves UNCOMFORTABLE. However, just like our emotions, the discomfort doesn’t last. One of the great lessons in education is to looking at the task, admitting you don’t feel like doing it, and then saying, “So what?’—then getting started because learning is a little more important than your momentary feelings!

This makes the difference in college. Recognizing that learning involves frustration because we are trying to reach a goal of knowing something we didn’t know before, everything becomes less frustrating. It may seem to be a paradox, but knowing that learning isn’t ‘a snap’ gives you (and your students) a realistic assessment of what they are facing. Surely you don’t go on a long trip with the kids thinking your just going over to Wal-mart…do you?

So, if you are teaching your children at home (and everyone is!…not just homeschoolers), then realize that you are giving them a real gift in learning some discipline. If they can grasp the lesson and go from ‘not enjoy’ to ‘enjoy’ learning through discipline…nothing will be out there to stop them!


Fred Lybrand


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