So, here’s a Mom who is trying to come to grips with the issue:
I knew I needed to have a schedule for the girls. For 2 reasons, our minds and bodies like a schedule and I am working at home, I can’t constantly be figuring out what the girls are going to do next.
As you read on down, you find that she also is working at home and needs some ‘time’ for herself 🙂  The answer?  Schedule time for her girls to read, rest, etc.  This is sort of an answer, but it really doesn’t offer the final solution (She seem pretty keen, so I’m guessing she’ll figure it out).
We humans do like schedules (sort of), but we also like freedom and control over our own lives…especially as we age.  So, setting a schedule is fine, but training the children with principles is even finer!
Here’s what I began to do as I worked at home in the mornings.  I ALWAYS gave the kids permission to interrupt me (anytime they wanted, unless I was on the phone).  At that point, I’d either stop to come see / help, or I would cut a deal to finish what I was working on and come in a few minutes.  The principle: Let’s talk, let’s be polite, but let’s learn to respect each other and wait too.
Now obviously the kids need to know what they are to be doing throughout the segments of the day.  And yet, even better for them to start taking responsibility.  I’m fond of schedules, but I am also fond of freedom.
PLEASE SCHEDULE, but PLEASE be flexible while teaching responsibility, mutual respect, etc.  Remember, a schedule is something you work toward, not something that starts right!
Fred Lybrand
P.S.  If you like these thoughts, you like this video too:


Dr. Lybrand and his wife (Jody) of 40 years homeschooled their 5 children from birth to college, where they all excelled in academics and community (University of Texas & Abilene Christian). Dr. & Mrs. Lybrand have combined degrees of 2 BA's, 2 Masters, and 1 Doctorate), Fred and Jody have stuck with their faith and their obsession with practical learning. As a result, the overall theme of "Teaching Them to Learn How to Learn" invades everything they offer. Dr. Lybrand pastored for 25 years and currently coaches, consults, and trains leaders in businesses, churches, and non-profits. Among his client list are the U.S. Air Force, CRU, Be Broken, Continental Resources, State Farm Insurance, and Pioneer Natural Resources. Of course, one of his favorite interests is helping homeschoolers excel, and he does so with the 10 Courses of The Independent Homeschooer Curriculum & directly mentoring parents who belong to the tribe. Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand Jr.

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