Want a Better Reader? Read Out of Order!

One of the great secrets of excellent readers is that they don't feel compelled to read every word in order. Instead, they know how to look for the pattern first (before they 'read'). This short video tells enough to change your mind, and your student's life as a reader!

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand​

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  • Angela Mobley says:

    I’m always on my avid reader son, telling him he is skipping words and such. He seems to know what he s reading and loves books and rereads often. Should I lay off. Is this what he s doing? Thanks so much

    • Fred Ray Lybrand says:

      If he is reading out loud and skipping words…not good. In fact, he really should practice this some with you.

      If he is skipping words while reading silently, but it getting the content…then how do we know his mind is catching those words? As we get better we can read whole phrases like we read words (not each letter).

      Sounds like you are on a good course!


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