Want Mature Kids? Dump the Rules and Add ________________!

Yes, we need rules for little ones. But as they age, rules don't help grow wise-and-mature young men and women. In this quick video I explain why building principles into your children is far more important than getting keeping them under the rules of the house.

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand​

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  • Kelly says:

    YES!! A million times over…..AMEN!! We have been nearly crucified by fellow believers who don’t understand why we don’t govern our kiddos with an iron fist and a stone tablet of rules. God has shown us a different way in His Word and we strive for relationship with our kiddos. Now, even some of our kids as teenagers, we have a great relationship…..perfect….nope, not this side of heaven…..but open and loads of communication. Thank you Lybrands for your tidbits of wisdom! Much appreciated! By the way, my daughter is flying high in writing after listening to your course just once……she loves your style of teaching.

    • Fred Ray Lybrand says:

      Excellent…keep staying with grace in the Spirit 🙂

      Also…have your daughter write me a brief testimony I can use to invite other kids to try the Writing Course 🙂


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